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Education Research

Guide for those researching in the Education field.

Find articles in a database

Tips for using PsycINFO

An advanced search in PsycINFO can help you limit your results, for example:

Classification codes are used for Educational Psychology: (find more codes)

3500 Educational Psychology 
3510 Educational Administration & Personnel 
3530 Curriculum & Programs & Teaching Methods 
3550 Academic Learning & Achievement 
3560 Classroom Dynamics & Student Adjustment & Attitudes 
3570 Special & Remedial Education 
3575 Gifted & Talented 
3580 Educational/Vocational Counseling & Student Services 

Methodology choices (among others) include:

Brain Imagaing
Clinical Case Study
Empirical Study

Find more information about the PsycINFO database

Good for literature reviews:

♦ Educational Researcher AERA journal, issues of educational research

Research in Higher Education Studies on administration and faculty, C&I, assessment, recruitment, academic performance 

♦ Review of Educational Research AERA Journal, reviews topics in education

You can also do an advanced search in Google Scholar and paste a copy of the journal name in the box "Returned articles published in"