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WIDMAYER WSH ENG 102 : Critical Writing, Reading and Research

Putting Your Research Together

As researchers, we often run multiple searches with various terms to get what we need. Your sources do not need to be about your specific topic to be useful – it is ok to use resources that discuss two or more broad components of your topic and then combine them to make your own ideas. Research is a remixing process. Modifying your search to make it broader or narrower is a common practice that researchers use.

For this activity, imagine you are thinking about immigration in Milwaukee and close friendships.  

You are particularly interested in understanding, describing, and explaining how being an immigrant in Milwaukee affects close friendships.

Go to Search@UW and follow the prompts on the activity below to guide your search. After completing the first part, we'll move onto searching subject databases for your topic.

Activity: Research Remixing