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Criminal Justice & Social Work 100 & 105

Career Research Websites

Career Exploration Websites

Use these websites to browse and identify potential careers and find more in-depth information about specific careers like work activities, work environments, needed skills, and average wages. 

UWM's Center for Student Experience and Talent

UWM'S Center for Student Experience and Talent (SET) - Career Communities 

Connect with a UWM career advisor and find on-campus support and resources for your future career

Career and Interest Profilers

Career and Interest Profilers and Quizzes

Need a little more direction? Take these career and interest profilers to help identify potential careers 

Professional Associations

Professional Associations and Organizations

Associations and membership organizations can be an excellent source of information concerning a specific profession.  These organizations may provide a list of job postings, plus offer career development & training resources, meetings, and networking opportunities.

Some online directories of trade assosications are listed below; you may also want to search in Google using the industry name and the term association or professional organization.