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WAK PSY 225: Experimental Psychology


Welcome to the PSY 225 guide.  In this guide, you will find information and resources to help you...

- identify the characteristics of scholarly articles

- access and use the PsycINFO database 

- find instructional videos to help with creating and analyzing surveys, questionnaires, etc.

- cite your sources properly


Research is a Conversation

When we engage in college-level research, we join the conversation about a topic. Like any conversation, in academic scholarship there are lots of other "voices" in the discussion surrounding a topic-- professors, professionals, concerned citizens, government agencies, students, etc. These conversations around topics of study generate new ideas and questions that move research forward.

By Inform Your Thinking videos were created by the Oklahoma State University Undergraduate Library Instruction and Outreach department. The videos are licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 CC BY-NC Attribution-Non Commercial license.

Psychology Titles