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Nutrition 305: Hunger at Home

Accessing Library Materials

Once you have found an article, how do you access or read it? 

  • Look for the black and gold "GetIT" button, a PDF icon, or a link to a HTML version of the article.
  • Download LibKey which streamlines this process 
  • Request articles from interlibrary loan if UWM does not have access to the article
  • If you are not sure - ask us! We are happy to help you access materials. 

LibKey Nomad Basics

What is LibKey Nomad?

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that makes accessing articles easier while off-campus. While searching across the web, you can quickly see which articles are available to you through UWM Libraries.

If UWM has the article - a LibKey link will take you to UWM's ePanther login and then to a PDF or HTML version of the article. 

If UWM does not have the article, LibKey Nomad will link you to Search@UW where you can make an InterLibrary Loan request to get the article at no cost to you.

Install LibKey Nomad

Getting Started
  • Install the LibKey Nomad extension on your browser 
  • Search for and select University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee from the list of institutions
    • The LibKey Nomad icon will appear in the top right of your browser window
  • Start your search
    • When you are on a page where you can download an article, the LibKey Nomad button will appear in the bottom left of your browser

Watch the video below to learn more and see how to install LibKey Nomad on your computer.

Interlibrary Loan Information and Resources

Where is the Source?