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WAK LEC 100: Intro. to Library Resources

Welcome to Your Library!

Welcome to UWM-Libraries! Your library is filled with resources that can help you succeed in college! In your library, you can:

  • Get help with finding resources for assignments
  • Get help citing information
  • Get one-on-one research assistance
  • Print
  • Find a good watch/read
  • Find that perfect study spot, whether you are working in a group or need a quiet space to yourself
  • Get that "thing" you need - we have laptops, headphones, webcams, calculators, and more!
  • Ask your librarian lots of questions!


We are here for you! 

  • Waukesha Library homepage
  • Contact Waukesha librarians: Kelley and Scott
  • Schedule a research appointment:
  • Waukesha Library phone number: 262-521-5473