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WAK LEC 100: Intro. to Library Resources


The library is full of amazing resources and librarians available to help you succeed in college! We've designed a brief interactive activity to help you learn how to access these resources - and have fun at the same time. You will have most of the class period to complete the activity. Please ask LOTS of questions!

The Rules:

  • Please use the link assigned to your group (see tabs below for your group's link)
  • Each group should designate ONE person to input answers 
  • This activity is designed to get you familiar with the library - get up, look around, and have fun! Please remember that other people may be using the library as a study space. Please be respectful of others.
  • The Course Guide is designed to help you if you get stuck - please feel free to reference it during your investigation!
  • Please ask your librarians if you have a question or aren't sure what to do

Group Links