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Public Health Policy

Guide for locating public health policy resources. Useful for PH705 and PH779

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What is Public Health Policy?

What is Public Health Policy?

Public health policy is defined as the laws, regulations, actions, and decisions implemented within society in order to promote wellness and ensure that specific health goals are met.

Public health policies can range from formal legislation to community outreach efforts. Public health policy plays a role in multiple sectors, including:

  • Health care

  • Insurance

  • Education

  • Agriculture

  • Business

  • And more.

A clear public health policy definition can be hard to pin down due to its multidisciplinary nature. However, at the core of all public health policy is a singular mission towards health.


From Columbia University - Public Health Policy: Definition, Examples, and More

Citing Government Information

Federal or State Statute

Name of Act, Public Law No. (Year). URL

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Publ. L. No. 111-148, 124 Stat. 119 (2010).

Report by a Government Agency or Other Organization

Organization Name. (Year). Title of report. URL

United States Government Accountability Office. (2019). Performance and accountability report: Fiscal year 2019.

Report by Individual Authors at Government Agency or Other Organization

Lastname, F. M., & Lastname, F. M. (Year). Title of report. Organization Name. URL

Palanker, D., Volk, J., Lucia, K., & Thomas, K. (2018). Mental health parity at risk: Deregulating the individual market and the impact on mental health coverage. National Alliance on Mental Illness.