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WAK PHI 244: Environmental Ethics, Finding News Articles


Use the resources on this page to find news articles related to topics you are covering in class. News articles need to be credible, published recently and long enough to provide enough content for discussion.  Below you will find...

1) Newspaper Source Plus and U.S. Newsstream - news databases

2) Other Databases - additional databases that offer newspaper articles

3) Tips for finding the link back to the article as well as the citation

Newspaper Source Plus and US Newsstream Databases

Other Databases

These databases offer a wide variety of articles, including some newspapers.  After searching, use the filters on the left to narrow your results to newspapers and the most recent month of publication date.

Link and Citations

Once you've evaluated and selected an article, you will need to copy a link to the article and include a citation for it.  To see a version of the steps below with images, click on the pdf beneath the database links to the left.

1.  If your article is in U.S.Newsstream, click on "more options" at the top right.  A new window will open with a permalink at the top of the new window.  Copy the link into a new tab to check the link before closing your article.

2.  If your article is in Newspaper Source Plus, Academic Search Complete or Environmental Science, click on "permalink" to the right of the article.  A new field will open above the title with a new link.  Copy the link into  new tab to check the link before closing your article.

3.  You will need to cite your article.  All of the databases on this page have a cite button.  Click on the "cite button" (it will be above or to the right of your article) and choose your citation style (MLA or APA).  Copy and paste the citation into your document.  Double check the citation using the MLA or APA examples on the Cite Articles tab in this guide.