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WAK PHI 244: Environmental Ethics, Finding News Articles

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Use the resources on this page to find news articles related to topics you are covering in class. News articles need to be credible, published recently and long enough to provide enough content for discussion.  Below you will find links to...

1) newspaper and science magazine websites - look for the publication date of the article

2) news rss feeds with direct links to articles - look for the publication date of the article

Science Magazines and Major Newspapers

Scan the following web pages to see if there are any recent news articles that relate to topics in your class. 

Science Daily - Environmental News Feed

Links to recent articles from Science Daily...

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Columbia University - Earth Institute News Feed

Links to recent articles from the Earth Institute...

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Article Link and Citation (with screenshot)


Link and Citations (text)

Once you've evaluated and selected an article, you will need to copy a link to the article and create a citation for it,

1.  Copy the URL from the top of the search screen.  If you found a reputable article using Yahoo! or Google News (or similar), you may need to refresh your screen and then copy the URL.  Otherwise, the link may go back to the main news list and not the article.  Copy your URL into a new tab to check the link before closing your article.

2.  You will need to create a citation for your article.  Go to the "Cite Articles" tab and choose your citation style.  Once you've selected MLA or APA, Choose "How Do I Cite?" and select "Newspaper Articles."  Scroll down for information about citing from a website,  If you found a news article in a magazine, select "Magazine Articles" instead.