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Historical News Sources

This guide contains information and resources for finding historical news primary sources

Major Publications

Visit the News Databases and Guides by Subject page for a full listing of Newspaper Databases.

Browse a Paper Published on a Specific Date

Find a Paper by Date: Steps for a Computer

  1. Link out to the ProQuest Historical Newspaper Database of your choice
  2. Click on the Advanced Search tab
  3. Set the Publication Date drop-down menu to "On this date..."
  4. Enter the exact day, month, and year into the date field (Month, D, YYYY)
    Publication Date menu set to "On this date" and set to search for the paper on January 8, 1947
  5. Click on any article title on your search results page. This will take you to a single digitized clipping (Full Text- PDF).
  6. Select the second view tab "Page View- PDF"
  7. Use the arrow buttons to flip through the pages of the paper OR enter "1" into the page number field and click "Go"  to start on the front page.


Find a Paper by Date: Steps for Mobile

  1. Link out to the ProQuest Historical Newspaper Database of your choice
  2. Select the hamburger menu in the the upper left of the ProQuest Historical Newspapers homepage
  3. Choose Advanced Search from the list of options
  4. set the Publication Date menu to "On this date..." and enter the specific Month, day, and year of the paper you want to read.
  5. Your search results will display individually digitized articles and sections of the paper (ads, etc). it will be easiest to browse these titles and select articles that sound interesting.

Important: Depending on your phone and its apps, you may be able to download or view individual pages of the paper, but it will be hard to read entire pages or a full paper from a mobile device.

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