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EDPOL 506: Research Techniques for Community Organizers and Community Educators


A great place to start is with this list of statistical resources put together by the UWM libraries.

Here are some useful search strategies for finding the data and statistics you need for your research:

Make use of existing search guides

Look for data producers

  • Think about who may be creating or collecting this information.
  • Look for data by government department, like the FDA, CDC, Department of Education, etc.
  • Consider non-governmental organizations, like the UN, World Health Organization, International Monetary Fund, etc.
  • Academic institutions also provide information on their institution, an example is the UWM Factbook.
  • Private business often make data available for a fee; check the library catalog to see what resources are available to you.

Search the published literature

  • Is anyone doing research in this area? That can be an indicator of the availability of data in this area.
  • Published articles may contain data tables and references to data sources.

Use online sources

  • Add the word 'data' or 'statistics' to your searches

Ask for help

Milwaukee School Data search tips

Tip: When searching the WISEdash Public Porta use the Grade Group and Group by features to search for specific data sets  categorized by race/ethnicity or other desired data sets.