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MUSIC 310: Intro to World Music

Finding Country Overviews and Maps

The databases below offer great starting points for research on a particular region-- they include maps, demographic information, and basic historical and political context.

Finding Regional Histories

To get a better sense of how music fits into the culture and history of your region, you may want to consult general histories of the area. In most cases, general histories will be published in book format. Articles tend to have a narrower scope. To find regional history books in Search@UW, try searching for your region or country of interest plus "history", and then limiting the results to "Books." When you assess the results, a few things to consider are:

  • how specific the topic of the book is, in terms of geography, political groups, or time period. 
  • how recent or up to date the book is


Some examples of good general histories to consult: