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MUSIC 310: Intro to World Music


Research Guide for MUSIC 310: Intro to World Music

Your assignment for Music 310 requires substantial research. You'll have to locate, select, use, and cite a range of sources. Links and resources on this page will help you with each step of this process. 

If you need additional help, contact me using the buttons in the "Librarian" box. 

Researching World Music

Since "World Music" is a very broad category, the research tools you'll need and challenges you'll run into will vary. But there are a few central tools and strategies that will be useful for many topics, which we'll cover on this guide.

You'll want to think about what research is available about your topic, what kinds of "conversations" experts are having, and what kinds of experts might be able to contribute.

Research is never a straightforward "step-by-step" process, but if you're researching a topic that's fairly new to you, you'll want to begin with a general exploration of the topic to find out what kinds of music, people, and cultural activities are involved. You'll need to locate sources through the library and likely online, and decide which ones are useful for your project. And very likely you'll then circle back to find more sources as you read and learn more about your topic. The pages on this guide will give you some tips and starting points for all these parts of the research process.