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How do I find a call number on the shelf?

Follow these steps when you're looking for a book on the shelf.

  1. Find the correct letter combination. L comes before LA on the shelves.
  2. Look for the number - be sure to look for the whole number. 19 comes before 23 and 23 comes before 2340 (two thousand three hundred forty).
  3. In the last line, first locate the letter and then the decimal. .M371 will come before .M38

This image shows the order in which some sample call numbers would appear: L 19. M322, LA 23. M38, LA 2340. M371, LA 2340. M38

Identify Call Numbers for Art and Art History Books

Below is a list of call number classes to locate Art and Art History books in the Golda Meir Library. Subject classes are also shown on the GML floorplans.

Call Number Class
AM Museums 3rd Floor East
CC Archaeology 3rd Floor East
N Visual Arts 2nd Floor West
NA Architecture 2nd Floor West
NB Sculpture 2nd Floor West
NC Drawing, Design, Illustration 2nd Floor West
ND Painting 2nd Floor West
NE Print Media 2nd Floor West
NK Decorative Arts 2nd Floor West
NX Arts in General 2nd Floor West
PN 1993-2000 Motion Pictures 3rd Floor West
TR Photography Lower Level East
TT Handicrafts Lower Level East

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