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UWM Music Library Student Employee Guide: Staff Computers
& Internet access

Training Resources for new student workers in the Music & Curriculum Library

Who to Call for Technical Support

Who to Call for Technical Support

PantherPRINT Support: x3900

Copier/Scanner Support: x3900

Computer Kiosk Support: x4040

Specialized Computers: x3999



For technical questions about wifi please consult UITS staff at the Learning commons desk.


There are four wireless options available for users in the Library depending on eligibility.

UWM WiFi authenticated access – is the preferred access option for faculty, staff and students because of its security and speed.  Once configured simply click on UWMWiFi to obtain encrypted secure wireless access using an ePantherID and password.

Sponsored Guest - This option should be used for visitors who require secure high speed wireless Web access.  Guests must be sponsored by UWM faculty or staff who will assume responsibility for use of the UWM WiFi service. Guests are given a user name and password for use to access UWM WiFi only.

Public- Public access is unsecured one-hour (renewable) limited bandwidth Web access. It does not require an ePantherID and password or device set-up. You simply accept the terms on your wireless devises browser screen.

eduroam – eduroam is a secure worldwide federated network of institutions providing access to their local wireless service to visitors from participating eduroam institutions. Currently there are over 3,500 participating institutions worldwide.


Those of you familiar with the old wireless network on campus Prowlnet can still find this wireless
service in other buildings on campus.  UWMWiFi will eventually replace Prowlnet but there is no
clear time frame at this point.


 Update  August 27, 2012

Did You Know??

In order for patrons to print from a computer, they will need a print card?

Print services staff are now located at the Learning Commons Desk next to UITS service staff.

Print cards can be purchased at the machine on the column of the Welcome Desk (1st Floor West Wing).

Print and Copy services supports the various printers, copiers and scanners located on each floor of the library.  They provide solutions for lost credit or error on debit copy card; machine servicing – including (toner/paper/jams).  


For technical support please call x3900.

Acceptable Use of Staff Computers

Logging into the Computers

Some student workers will be issued a unique id and password or have their own ePanther Id logins activated to work on staff computers in the UWM Libraries.

Logging into ALMA and Other Programs

If you are working within ALMA, you will login with your ePanther ID. If you are working in ILL ILLiad software or User Services LibGuide software, you will receive separate login information. 

General Information

UWM Libraries staff computers are to be used for work purposes only.   During work hours, operation of these staff computers is limited to University network applications (PAWS, D2L, Pantherlink, Pantherfile, etc.), as well as, ALMA, MS Office and Web resources required to fulfill job objectives. 

We ask that you please refrain from using recreational or social media sites while working on staff computers.  Although we keep the operating systems and virus definitions up to date,  if you do encounter an unusual pop up message that interferes with normal operation on the staff workstation please contact your supervisor immediately so Library Systems can address the issue before it escalates into a bigger problem. 

Computers in the Library

One of the main reasons students and community patrons come to the library is to use our computers for their informational needs and to get their work done.

There are 200 PC and Mac computers in The Learning Commons North and South, (Library instruction Room A W194 and Library Instruction room B W190). 

These computers are administered by University Information Technology Services and require an ePanther id to log in.  

The 18 Mac Kisok computers located around the Learning Commons Café require no login and are accessible to public.  Technical issues with these computers should be directed to the UITS Help Desk or  or x4040.


Information on the UITS Campus Computer Labs

Library Floorplans

UITS also supports Web Kiosks that provide convenient access to the Internet and email for the campus community and visitors. These computers are located throughout campus buildings including several in the Library. If you run into technical issues with these computers you should email or call x4040.  These computers require no personal login but you are required to select “logout” before you leave the workstation to clear any secure information and refresh the session for the next user.  

The Web Kiosks in the Library are located in Lower Level East,  2nd Floor East and West,   3rd Floor West.


Presenter Contact Information:

x4817 - Andy Ritter -

General Access and UWM-user computers in the UWM Libraries

General Access and UWM-user computers available in the UWM Libraries

Golda Meir Library building floor-by-floor.  

UWM WiFi wireless network access is available throughout the Golda Meir Library building and campus grounds.  Requires login with ePanther ID.


West first floor (Soref Learning Commons)

Cell phone charging station is now available by the Grind!!

200 PC and Mac workstations in the North and South Learning Commons, all print to Pharos release stations .


  • North LC Information Literacy Instruction Room A 24 PC, Room B 40 PC
  • North LC Café 18 Mac Kiosk (no login required)

West Lower Level

Media & Reserve Library - 2 PC (login required);  2 Mac (login required); 2 kiosks (no login required, no printing) print to Pharos release stations

NOTE: Laptop check out program.  4 hour or 2 day.

East Lower Level

Kiosk 2 (no login required, no printing)

West second floor

Kiosk 2 (no login required, no printing)

East second floor

3 PC (no login required)  2 PC (login required) print to Pharos stations available in area

West third floor

Kiosk 2 (no login required, no printing)

UITS Campus Computer Labs