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THEATRE 110: Fundamentals of the Actor's Process

Call Numbers for Theatre Materials

GT 500-2370 Costume. Dress. Fashion
NA Architecture
ND 2885-2888 Scene painting
PN 1600-PN 3307 Drama
   PN 2061-2071    Art of Acting
   PN 2085-2091    The stage & accessories (lighting, scenery, etc.)
   PN 6110.5-PN6120    Play collections
PS 330-PS 352 American literature -- Drama
TT 490-695 Clothing manufacture

Searching for Plays in the Library

Tips for searching the library's collections:

  • When you use the Search@UW box on the library homepage, you're searching all the books, videos, and other media in the UW system, plus encyclopedias, articles in periodicals, and some free online resources.
  • Search@UW is best for looking for specific titles or authors, but even a search for the title of a specific play will turn up a mix of encyclopedia entries, articles analyzing the play, and videos, as well as the script itself.
  • If your title includes common words, you may want to put it in quotation marks, so that the search looks for the whole phrase (ie., "Our Town").
  • Within your search, you can control the format and location of the results you see. Along the left side, you'll see options to limit your results by criteria like "Library" and "Resource Type." If you only want to see book results that are available at UWM, you can limit your results this way.
  • Remember that you can request materials from other libraries if we don't have them here!



Reading Call Numbers for Theatre Materials

Finding Plays and Monologues