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MUSIC 829: Historical Perspectives on Strings Pedagogy


This guide is to serve as a library skills refresher for students in Music 829.

  • If you're new to UWM or haven't used the library much, use the videos below to make sure you are able to sign into your library account and make requests. 
  • Use the Databases tab for links and search tips on music reference and article databases through the library.
  • The guides linked in the "String Guides" box provide some basic (though somewhat dated) bibliography and search terms for string instruments. Use them to find major reference sources and get potential search terms. 

Getting Started

Essential Library Services

Scores in the Library

At UWM Libraries, and most American university libraries, most physical materials are arranged according to the Library of Congress classification system. In the system, each item is given a call number, which includes a combination of letters and numbers based on the subject matter, author, and date of the item.

Music materials are divided into call numbers beginning ML, for books and other material about music, MT for sources related to music instruction and study, and M, which is used for printed music. Within ML and MT, the organization proceeds by specific subject area. In the Ms, the organization is based on the instrumentation or ensemble the music is written for, with M2 and M3 used for large collected editions that might mix instrumentations.