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Law and Legal Research

This guide provides information resources to support legal research

About Secondary Sources

Secondary sources (also known as secondary authorities or secondary materials) are good starting points for legal research because they summarize and analyze the law, and include citations that will help you find specific relevant cases to the law. Secondary sources for legal research include:

  • Legal encyclopedias: explanations and citations for primary legal sources, including statutes, cases, and regulations
  • Treatises and practice manuals: in-depth commentary and analysis of a singular practice area of the law (i.e. disability law), citing relevant cases
  • Law journals and law review articles

Find Secondary Sources


Legal Encyclopedias

Find legal encyclopedias in the Westlaw Campus Research database. Wisconsin state does not have a general legal encyclopedia.

Treatises and Practice Manuals

Law Review Journals

American Law Reports (A.L.R.)