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Educational Psychology 110: Find Websites

Activities and resources to support Charting Your Path to Success: Researching Your Major and Related Career Opportunities


This guide is designed to support you in successfully completing your research project and presentation. After completing the activities on the tabs above, you will be able to:

  • Develop a research strategy to find authoritative information produced by professional organizations.
  • Cite the sources of information you used for your project.
  • Contact UWM experts and use UWM resources for support and assistance.

Find Professional Organizations

Develop a list of keywords in order to form an effective search strategy to find and evaluate information from professional organizations. Print or download the attached Word document and follow directions to fill out parts A and B.

Combine intended major with terms: "career path" or "career exploration" or "career option" or "career choice" to explore potential careers

Combine terms discovered for career or potential job title with "organization" or "association" or "society" or "academy" to explore professional organizations

Research Careers

Understanding (Google) Search Results