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Communication 101: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

Introduction to Interpersonal Communication Research

After your library session today you should be able to:

1. Identify appropriate keywords or search terms that best describe your research.

2. Select appropriate sources that discuss a specific topic.

3. Assign proper attribution and citations using APA Citation Style.

â–şBelow is an extra copy of the Concept map distributed in your classes. 

Recommended Databases for Interpersonal Communication Research

Communication Competence Goals

Example Communication Competence Goals

You do not have to choose from this list. Be sure to look ahead to our readings and skim the textbook for additional ideas. This is only a guide if you are having difficulty finding a topic. Please see your discussion section instructor if you need additional help identifying a skill for improvement.

  • Becoming more culturally sensitive
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Using self-disclosure more appropriately (for some this will be self-disclosing less, for others it might be more)
  • Becoming more assertive
  • Becoming less aggressive
  • Dealing with negative self-fulfilling prophecies
  • Practicing empathic listening
  • Becoming a more critical listener
  • Using paraphrasing
  • Practicing immediacy behaviors (behaviors that express closeness)
  • Communicating with individuals who are disabled
  • Becoming more skilled in decoding nonverbal cues
  • Not adhering to one style of conflict management
  • Establishing power in relationships
  • Managing nonverbal adaptor displays
  • Improving relationship initiations
  • Interrupting less in conversations
  • Eliminating verbal fillers
  • Avoiding blame in conflict situations
  • Becoming more adept at conversational turns
  • Using more "I-messages" as opposed to "you-messages"
  • Using appropriate maintenance/repair strategies in relationships
  • Decreasing mirroring destructive behaviors
  • Reducing use of personal rejection in conflict episodes
  • Dealing effectively with relationship dissolution
  • Expressing feelings more accurately
  • Becoming less apprehensive in newly created friendships