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WAK HIS 101: History of the United States to 1865

Welcome to the CGS HIST 101 Research Guide

Welcome to the Research Guide for CGS History 101: History of the United States up to 1865

Guide Contents
  • Primary Sources:
    • Learn the difference between primary and secondary sources
    • Find links to primary source search tools
  • Scholarly Sources
    • Learn to search for and identify scholarly sources
    • Find links to secondary (scholarly) search tools
  • Books
    • Learn to search for, locate, and request books
    • Start searching for books on your topic
  • Multimedia
    • Find video sources to use in addition to your required debate sources
  • Citing Sources
    • Find resources on citing sources in APA and MLA style

Debate Project Source Requirements

Debate Project Source Requirements

You are required to use and cite at least 5 outside* sources for your debate project. Your 5 sources need to include

  • At least 1 History book (cannot be a textbook)
  • At least 3 Scholarly sources
  • At least 1 primary source

*Outside sources are sources that aren't assigned or covered covered in class. You can use these sources, but they do not count towards your required sources.