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WAK PHI243/BUS242: Business Ethics

Research Paper

  • 7-9 pages in length (excluding bibliography)
  • Minimum of 2 scholarly sources (books and peer-reviewed articles)
  • Can use long-form news sources (e.g. New Yorker, The Atlantic, New Republic, National Review)
  • Can use New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post articles for background information and topic ideas
  • Any standard citation style - MLA and APA are most used


Possible Paper Topics

  1. Consumer Boycotts
  2. Gender Pay Discrimination
  3. Employee Entitlements
  4. Gig Economy
  5. Advertising/Privacy
  6. Automation/Outsourcing/Future of Work

Other topics: opiod crisis, whistleblowing, drug and polygraph testing of workers, tax shelters, minimum wage laws, workplace discrimination, meaningful work, sweatshops, worker safety, right-to-work laws, energy consumption and the environment, local food movements, and many more.