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CGS HIST 101: History of the United States to 1865

Welcome to the CGS HIST 101 Research Guide

Welcome to the Research Guide for CGS History 101: History of the United States up to 1865

Guide Contents
  • Primary Sources:
    • Learn the difference between primary and secondary sources
    • Find links to primary source search tools
  • Scholarly Sources
    • Learn to search for and identify scholarly sources
    • Find links to secondary (scholarly) search tools
  • Books
    • Learn to search for, locate, and request books
    • Start searching for books on your topic
  • Multimedia
    • Find video sources to use in addition to your required debate sources
  • Citing Sources
    • Find resources on citing sources in APA and MLA style

Library Workshop Slides and Activity

Slides and Class Worksheet

Debate Project Source Requirements

Debate Project Source Requirements

You are required to use and cite at least 5 outside* sources for your debate project. Your 5 sources need to include

  • At least 1 History book (cannot be a textbook)
  • At least 3 Scholarly sources
  • At least 1 primary source

*Outside sources are sources that aren't assigned or covered covered in class. You can use these sources, but they do not count towards your required sources.