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WAK ENG 201: Intermediate Composition

Comparing Scholarly Articles

You will be comparing two scholarly articles to identify some of the similarities and differences (in terms of scholarship) across disciplines.

  • What expertise, experience or credentials does each author have?
  • What is the discipline (history/psychology) of each author concerned with? Do the disciplines have any shared goals?
  • What counts as "evidence" or "new knowledge" in each article?
  • How is the information and knowledge in each article made and shared?
  • How does each article accomplish the purposes of the discipline?
  • Who might read these articles?
  • How do readers access this content? What, if any, restrictions are placed on that access?

Venn Diagram

Create a Venn Diagram (two circles that overlap) to show the similarities and differences between the two articles as well as some of the similarities and differences between the two disciplines (history and psychology).