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African-American Student Activism at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1968-1978: Images

This guide provides information about grassroots activism at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee that culminated in the establishment of the Center for Afro-American Studies in 1969, one of the first two Afro-American Studies programs in the U.S.



Prof. Ernest Spaights was involved in early discussions to create a Center for Afro-American Culture. (Photograph from box 3, folder 17, UW-Milwaukee Photographs Collection) Flier announcing a rally to support the formation of a Center for Afro-American Culture, February 21, 1969. (From box 6, folder 1, UW-Milwaukee Office of the Chancellor Records) Street march supporting the appointment of James Turner as head of the Center for Afro-American Culture, February 24, 1969. ("Five arrested in street march," UWM Post, February 25, 1969)

United Black Student Front holds a press conference in Chapman Hall, March 1, 1969. (Photograph from box 11, folder 40, UW-Milwaukee Photographs Collection) James Turner (left) talking with members of the Black Student Union after meeting with Chancellor Klotsche, March 2, 1969. ("Turner, Klotsche parlay shows little success," UWM Post, March 4, 1969) Black Demands flier, March 13, 1969. (From box 1, folder 17, UW-Milwaukee Dept. of Afro-American Studies Records)


Black Student Union members walk out of a special faculty meeting after withdrawing their support for the Center for Afro-American Culture, March 13, 1969. ("BSU withdraws support from center," UWM Post, March 14, 1969) University officials and Milwaukee police attempt to break up a brawl between fraternity students and African-American students in the Union, March 24, 1969. ("Snack bar closed twice as student groups clash," UWM Post, March 25, 1969) African-American students rally in snack bar area of the Union, March 25, 1969. (Photograph from box 11, folder 40, UW-Milwaukee Photographs Collection)