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Selected Bibliography of Literature and Repertoire Lists

Translations and IPA in the UWM Music Collection

The UWM Music Collection has a fairly extensive collection of libretti and song texts in translation and some with IPA. This is by no means a comprehensive list.

 IPA and translation books are found in the ML 49 and ML 54 sections of the Music Collection.

What is IPA? IPA (International Phonetic Association) is an organization that studies the pronunciation of words. When IPA is used with lyrics, it instructs the singer how to pronounce the words even if the singer does not know the language fluently.


Translation with IPA

Bach, J.S. . Handbook to Bach's sacred cantata texts: an interlinear translation with reference guide to Biblical quotations and allusions. Translated by Melvin Unger.

(RMU) ML54 B15 C329 1996

Bach, J.S. The complete cantatas. Translated by Richard Stokes.

(RMU) ML53.8 B3 C3613 2004

Brahms, Johannes. Brahms' complete song texts. Translations by Beaumont Glass.

       (RMU) ML54.6 B82 G52 1999

Janáček Opera Libretti: Translations and Pronounciation Vol. I: The Cunning Little Vixen. Translated by Timothy Cheek.

      (RMU) ML49.J39 O62 2003 v.1

Janáček Opera Libretti: Translations and Pronounciation, Vol. II: Kát'a Kabanová. Translated by Timothy Cheek.

      (RMU) ML49.J39 O62 2003 v.2

Mozart, Wolfgang A. The libretti of Mozart's completed operas: in two volumes. Translated by Nico Castel.

(RMU) ML49 M83 L53x 1997

 A singer's guide to the songs of Joaquín Rodrigo. Translated by Draayer, Suzanne Rhodes. 

(RMU) ML410.R632 D73 1999

Schubert's complete song texts in two volumes. Translated by Beaumont Glass. 

         (RMU) ML54.6. S39 G515 1996

Schumann's complete song texts. Translated by Beaumont Glass. 2002.

         (RMU) ML54.6.S387 G52 2002

The Singer's Schumann. Translated by Thilo Reinhard. 1989.
      ML54.6 S4 R413 1989

Smetena, Bedrich. The bartered bride = Prodaná nevěsta : performance guide with translations and pronunciation. Translated by Timothy Cheek. 2010.

       ML410.S63 C5 2010

Richard Strauss' complete song texts. Translated by Beaumont Glass. 2004.
         (RMU) ML54.6.S77x S6 2004

Hugo Wolf's complete song texts. Translated by Beaumont Glass. 2000.

         (RMU) ML54.6.W64x G52 2000

Coffin, Berton. Phonetic Readings of songs and arias.

        (RMU) MT883 p5 1982

Phillips, Lois. Lieder line by line, and word for word. 1996.

        (RMU) ML54.6 .P55 L5 1996  

Sobrer, Miguel and Edmon Colomer, eds. Singer's Anthology of 20th Century Spanish Songs.

ML54.6 S563x 1987

Translation without IPA

Bausano, William.  Sacred Latin texts and English translations for the choral conductor and church musician: Propers of the Mass. 1998.

        (RMU) ML54.8 .S23 1998

Coffin, Berton. Word by Word translations of songs and arias. 2 vols. 1966. 

(RMU) ML54.6 W65

Fischer-Dieskau, Dietrich. The Fischer-Dieskau book of lieder : the original texts of over seven hundred and fifty songs. 1977.

       (RMU) ML54.6 T4 1977

Jeffers, Ron. Translations and annotations of choral repertoire. 2 vols. 1988.

        (RMU) ML54 J44x 1988

Johnson, Graham. A French Song Companion. 2000.

        (RMU) ML54.6.J76 F74 2000

Lachmann, Karl. Des Minnesangs Frühling. 1977.

         (RMU) ML54.6 L3x 1977

LeVan, Timothy. Masters of the French art song. 1991.

        (RMU) ML54.6 M33 1991

LeVan, Timothy.  Masters of the Italian art song. 1990.

         (RMU) ML54.6 M34 1990

Miller, Philip R. The Ring of Words. 1973.

(RMU) ML54.6 M5 R5 1973

 Miller, Philip, ed. German Lieder. 1990.

(RMU) ML 54.6 G275 1990

Paquin, Marie Therese.  Dix cycles de lieder = Ten cycles of lieder : Beethoven, Brahms, Mahler, Schubert, Schumann. 1977.

      (RMU) ML54.6 D58x

Sylvester, Richard D. Tchaikovsky's complete songs. 2002.

      (RMU) ML54.6.C43x S9 2002



Performance Anxiety

Inner Game of Music - Barry Green

Call Number: ML850 G73 1986

By the best-selling co-author of Inner Tennis, here's a book designed to help  musicians overcome obstacles, help improve  concentration, and reduce nervousness, allowing them to  reach new levels of performing excellence and  musical artistry.


A Soprano on Her Head - Eloise Ristad

Call Number: MT2 .R57

Eloise Ristad deals here with complex problems which torment and cripple so many of our most creative and talented people, and she does so with compassion, wisdom, and wit. The problem of stage fright, for instance, is a suffering of epidemic proportions in our society, and involves modalities of thought and projections that rob spontaneity and enthusiasm in artistic performance.


Stagefright: Letting it Work for You - Robert Triplett 
Call Number: PN2071.P78 T74 1983
Written for a wide audience of professional performers, this book discusses the science of stagefright and how we can use anxiety to our benefit rather than letting it hinder our ability.

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