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Woodwind Studio

Performers and the Library

The UWM Music Library is a great place for studying, researching papers, and listening to music. It's also a great place to discover new music for your instrument. We have thousands of scores for solo instruments and small ensembles for recital and gig repertory, both from many years of purchases and from generous gifts from musicians like Judith Bentley (flute) and Tele Lesbines (percussion). This guide will introduce some of the techniques you can use to locate new repertory through the library.

Activities for Library Session

Activity 1: Jamboard

Activity 2: Use Search@UW to look for: 

  • Works for woodwind quartet. \
  • Works for specifically saxophone or flute quartet. 
  • Works for woodwinds by women. 

Activity 3: 

  • Look for solo or solo + piano repertory for your instrument that we’ve added to the library in the last 3 months. Make note of anything you'd like to check out!

Activity 4:

  • Work with a partner or two to investigate a repertoire guide or bibliography.
  • What is the scope of the music included?
  • What kinds of details are listed for each piece?

Activity 5:


Activity 6: Jamboard