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WSH ENG 102: Critical Writing, Reading and Research


Each group will have approximately 20-25 minutes to complete the following exercise.  Imagine a student has written a paper arguing the thesis statement below.  You will be evaluating the student's sources to determine the overall quality.


Paper thesis statement: Teacher pay should not be determined by students' standardized test scores

1)  Evaluate the above thesis statement.  Is it effective?  Why or why not.  How might it be improved?

2)  How do you know if a source is quality or not?  In your group, write a list of factors to consider.

3)  Look at the sources below and provide ...

          a). feedback on the quality of each source based on your group's list of factors.

          b). an overall grade for the sources

4)  Why did your group assign this grade?  Be ready to discuss.

5)  Consider the sources selected for this bibliography.  What do you think the main points of this paper might be?