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Community and Behavioral Health

Research Guide for the Community & Behavioral Health track for Public Health. Resources for courses PH706 and PH725

Theory Finding Strategies

One way to consider thinking about searching for the most influential articles in a field is to find the most-cited and oldest articles in a field.

Google Scholar is a great resources for this.

  • For instance, you might take your theory and one of its originators or the time it was originated and run a search.
  • "Health Belief Model" AND 1950s to find GH Hochbaum was one of the pioneers in the theory.
  • You can then apply that to a search "Health Belief Model" AND hochbaum.
    • we see  that his article from 1958 has been cited 259 times
  • Similarly, another who later expanded on the theory was Rosenstock, so we'd have "Health belief model" AND Rosenstock
    • We can see that his 1974 Article on the historical origins of the model has been cited 5406 times

Searching Google Scholar Off Campus

Google Scholar Search

Off campus? Set Google Scholar to link to Get it! at UWM:

From the Google Scholar home page, click on the "Settings" gear on the top of the page.

  1. Select “Library Links” from the left column
  2. Search for “University of Wisconsin Milwaukee” and check the "UWM" box that appears
  3. Save!

When you find a good article, click on the "Get IT! (UWM Libraries)" link - not the title