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Music Browse Guides by Research Area

Music Librarianship Guide

Selected Bibliography and Literature Lists


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Suggested Call Numbers for Shelf Browsing

ML110-111.5 Music Librarianship
Z662-1000.5 Libraries
Z662-664   Collections
Z665-718.8 Library Science.  Information Science.
Z668-669.7 Library Education & Research
Z672-672.13 Library Cooperation and Coordination
Z674.7-674.83 Library Information Networks
Z675 Classes of Libraries
Z678-678.88 Library Administration and Organization
Z678.89-678.892 Library Service Agencies
Z678.9-678.93 Automation
Z679-680 Library Buildings
Z680.3-680.6 Library Communication Systems
Z681-681.3 Reproduction of Library Materials.  Storage Media.
Z681.5-681.7 Trustees. Library Boards, Committees, Etc.
Z682-682.4 Personnel
Z683-683.5 Finance. Insurance.
Z684-685 Supplies. Shelving. Bookstacks
Z686 Branches. Delivery Stations. Bookmobiles.
Z687-718.85 The Collections
Z688 Special Collections
Z688.5-688.6 Processing
Z689-689.8 Acquisitions
Z690 Exchanges
Z691-692 Special Classes of Materials (e.g. Maps, Serials)
Z693-695.83 Cataloging
Z695.85 Library Handwriting
Z695.87 Printing of Catalogs
Z695.9-695.94 Indexing.  Abstracting
Z695.95 Alphabetizing. Filing
Z695.98 Recataloging.  Reclassification
Z696-697 Classification and Notation
Z698    Shelflisting.  Author Notation
Z699-699.5 Machine Methods of Information and Retrieval.
Z699.7 Physical Processing. Shelf Preparation.
Z700 Bookbinding
Z700.9-701.5 Physical Parameters, Preservation, Conservation and Restoration of Books and Other Library Materials
Z702 Thefts and Losses of Books and Other Library Materials
Z703.5 Stack Management.  Disposition of Books on Shelves, Etc.
Z703.6 Discarding. Weeding.
Z711-711.95 Public Services.  Reference Services.
Z712-714 Circulation. Loans.  Charging Systems.
Z716-716.15 Library Extension. Library Commissions.  Traveling Libraries
Z716.2-718.85 Libraries in Relation To Special Topics
Z719-723 Libraries (General)
Z729-875 Library Reports. History. Statistics. 
Z881-977 Library Catalogs and Bulletins
Z987-996.3 Book Collecting
Z997-997.2 Private Libraries