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APA Citation Guide (7th edition) CGS

Use this guide to learn how to cite using APA 7th edition


Inserting Figures (Images, Infographics) and Tables (Charts, Graphs) in your Paper

 If you reproduce ("insert") a figure or table in your assignment:

  1. Assign each a figure or table number, in bold and left-aligned.
  2. Include a title (in your own words) of the figure or table in italics.
  3. Insert the figure or table into your paper.
  4. Create an attribution note underneath the figure or table to show where you found it. See the box below, "Elements to Include in the Attribution under the Figure".
  5. Cite the figure or table in your Reference List. Use the citation format of the source where the image is found. (E.g., if you find the image on a website, cite the website.)


Begin the attribution with the word Note.

►"From" or "Adapted from"

If you are reusing the exact image, start the copyright attribution statement with From. If you have modified the image, start the statement with Adapted from

►Citation Information

Use the order of: "Title of Article" by A. Author and B. Author, year, Title of Journal, Volume(Issue), p. xx.


"Sleep Deprivation in New Mothers" by A. Georgievski, 2016, Postpartum Journal, 7(4), p. 32.

►Copyright Information

Include one of the following at the end of the attribution under the figure:

  • Copyright year by Name of Copyright Holder.

    • The copyright holder of a journal article is the publisher of a journal, usually found at the bottom of the journal's website, next to the copyright symbol.

    • Example: Copyright 2020 by John Wiley & Sons. 

  • In the public domain.

  • Creative Commons license (e.g., CC BY) 

​This happens if you only wish to cite information from an image, infographic, chart, table, or graph and are not inserting it in your paper:

  1. Provide an in-text citation. Use the citation format of the source where the image is found. (E.g., if you find the image on a website, use the in-text citation of a website). 
  2. Cite the image in your Reference List. Use the citation format of the source where the image is found. (E.g., if you find the image on a website, cite the website). 

Inserting an Image from a Database or Digital Collection


Figure 3​

Sign advertising new home of Seneca College

Photo of Sod Turning at Finch Campus Site and Construction Progress Sign

Note. From Sod turning at Finch Campus site and construction progress [Photograph], by Department of Media Production, 1968, Images from the Archives: Celebrating 50 Years of Seneca (
). Copyright 1968 by Seneca College.


Figure 2​

Santa Maria dei Miracoli Church


Note. A detail from the south facade, Santa Maria dei Miracoli church. From "Renaissance Art in Venice: From Tradition to Individualism," by T. Nichols, 2016, p. 66, Laurence King Publishing. Copyright 2016 by akg-images. 

Example: Inserting a Stock Image or Image from a Website

Note: It's important to be aware of copyright when using images from a website. Even if you include a citation, certain images still require the permission of the author before you can copy and include it in your work. Always check the terms of use of the image/website to ensure that you can include the image in your work and/or if you need to first get the copyright holder's permission. For sources of free images you can use in your coursework, please see the Sandbox Finding Free Images, Audio, and Video guide.  

Figure 3​

Union Station (Toronto, Ontario)

 Union Station

Note. From Toronto: Union Station [Photograph], by The City of Toronto, 2010, Flickr ( CC BY.


Figure 1​

Street Map of Seneca College Newnham Campus  

Map of Seneca Newnham Campus 

Note. From Google Maps, by Google ( Copyright 2022 by Google.


Table 1​

Comparison of Antimicrobial Resistant Genes in Chicken Gut Microbiome Grown on Organic and Conventional Diet

Antibiotics Conventional Diet
Amoxicillan ampC, sugE
Penicillin ampC, sugE

Note. From "Comparison of Antimicrobial Resistant Genes in Chicken Gut Microbiome Grown on Organic and Conventional Diet," by N. V. Hegde, S. Kariyawasam, and C. DebRoy, 2016, Veterinary and Animal Science13(2), p. 13 ( Copyright 2016 by Elsevier BV.

Inserting an Image or Photo You Created

If the photograph or image is your own, you do not need to cite it or include a figure note.

However, we recommend adding a figure note beneath the image that reads "Photograph by author" or "Image by author."