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THEATRE 236: Theatre Production & Design

Call Numbers for Theatre Materials

GT 500-2370 Costume. Dress. Fashion
NA Architecture
ND 2885-2888 Scene painting
PN 1600-PN 3307 Drama
   PN 2061-2071    Art of Acting
   PN 2085-2091    The stage & accessories (lighting, scenery, etc.)
   PN 6110.5-PN6120    Play collections
PS 330-PS 352 American literature -- Drama
TT 490-695 Clothing manufacture

Finding Theatre Production Materials in the Library

When you search the library catalog at Search@UW you'll find physical books and videos, online materials of all kinds, and physical items in other UW libraries that you can easily request. Remember that, unlike Google, the library search engine is just looking at the contents of the title, author, summary, etc., and not the full book or article, and that data might not include the same terms you'd first think of. For example, a book called Chicago, 1940-1970 might not come up in a search for "Chicago 1950s," because "1950s" does not appear in the title. When you try a search, make sure to experiment with different keywords and combinations. For example, try:

  • Chicago transportation 1950s
  • Chicago transit 1950s
  • Chicago transit history
  • Chicago mass transit history

For physical items, the catalog will list the "call number," which tells you where on the shelves to find the book, video, etc. Doing research for theatre production and design topics is likely to take you all over the library. Since the library materials are organized by subject, you may need materials from the costume & fashion section, art and architecture, history, and literature. 


Reading Call Numbers for Theatre Materials