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Japanese 332: Extensive Reading in Japanese

Resources for finding "easy read" Japanese-language materials along with audio files for Online Japanese Graded Readers


The purpose of this guide is to help you access Japanese graded readers at the UWM Libraries. This guide contains links to the following:

  • Online Japanese Graded Readers Levels 0-1 with audio
  • Online Japanese Graded Readers Levels 2-5 with audio
  • Additional "easy reading" resources
  • Japanese Language and Cultural Resources

Use Japanese Graded Readers on Reserve

Japanese Graded Readers are available to use outside of class in the Media and Reserve Library on the Lower Level of the Library.

Search for course reserve materials using the Course Reserve search (available via Search@UW). Search by your instructor's name, department, or course number to view results of items on reserve for your classes. A search for specific known item titles also works.

See course reserve materials for JAPAN332.

Learn more about Reserve Services

What are Japanese Graded Readers?

Graded readers are books that have either been adapted from other texts or are written for particular reading levels. They are designed to support extensive reading efforts by having limited vocabulary and length. 

NPO多言語多読 uses the following levels:

Level Vocabulary range 語彙数 No. of characters per story 字数 主な文法項目
Level 0 入門 350 less than 400 現在形、過去形、疑問詞、~たい など。基本的に「です・増す形」を使っている
Level 1 初級前半 350 400~1500 現在形、過去形、疑問詞、~たい など。基本的に「です・増す形」を使っている
Level 2 初級後半 500 1500~2500 辞書形、て形、ない形、た形、連体修飾、~と(条件)、~から(理由)~なる、~のだ など
Level 3 初中級 800 2500~5000 可能形、命令形、受身形、意向形、~とき、~たら・ば・なら、~そう(様態)、~用(推量、比喩)、複合動詞 など
Level 4 中級 1300 5000~10000 使役形、使役受身形、~層(伝聞)、~らしい、~はず、~もの、~ようにする・なる、ことにする・なる など
Level 5 中上級 2000 8000~200000 機能語・複合慣用表現・敬語など 例)~につれて、~わけにはいかない、切り開く/召し上がる、伺う

The series from Oxford Brookes University uses a very similar set of levels, although the books don't start as low. 

Level    Vocabulary Range Number of Characters per Story
A1  500 500-1,500
A2-1 800 1,500-2,000
A2-2 1,200 2,000-3,000
B1-1  1,500 3,000-5,000
B1-2   2,000   5,000-8,000
B2 3,000 8,000-10,000