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JAMS 380: Documentary, Analysis, and Production

JAMS 380 students can use this guide to search, review, and request available archival news footage from the UWM Archives.

Steps for Requesting Footage

  1. Search WTMJ News Search and identify segments you'd like to view
  2. Verify the segments that interest you have been digitized (see box titles Is This Footage Digital?). You can only use digitized footage for your documentary. Digitizing 16mm film is an expensive and time-consuming process, and analog won't be available to you for this project.
  3. Send an email to ASKARCH@UWM.EDU with the subject: JAMS 380 Footage
  4. In the body of your email please include the Summary of the footage and the Access Copy file names of any segments you'd like to view or use in your research.
  5. Archives staff will verify that the segments you've requested have been digitized and send you a download link with MP4 video files of the reel(s) containing the segments that interest you. The footage will not be cut or edited for you.

Understanding Segment Details

A-Summary section of the record provides a brief description of a segment on a reel of film. This is the only descriptive information available for each segment, and, in some cases, the description might be a single word.

B-The date field shows the day the footage aired/was intended to air.

C-Start and stop times provide the time signature of the beginning and end of a particular segment on a digital footage file.

D-All digitized files have been converted to positive.

E-Access copy shows the file name of the digital file available through the UWM Archives. This is the information you have provide to Archives staff when requesting footage. IMPORTANT: If a segment record does not list an access copy, the footage has not been digitized.

Is This Footage Digital?

Record for a Digitized Segment

Record for a Segment that IS NOT Available Digitally