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Clarivate Analytics Resources and Tools: Welcome

The purpose of this guide is to supplement the UWM Libraries' Fall Into Research sessions.

Guide Purpose


This guide is a supplement to the UWM Libraries Fall Into Research sessions held November 21, 2019.

Research Day Photos (12Oct2018)

Research Day 2019Nov21

Tools for Authors


Explore the Authors and Researchers Guide to learn more about using their resources to enhance all aspects of your scholarly work, including:

  • Learning the basics of citation indexing
  • Tips for effective topic searching
  • Setting up search alerts to stay up to date on a topic
  • Creating citation alerts to monitor citation activity around a key paper
  • Finding an author’s work in Web of Science
  • Identifying experts and potential collaborators
  • Identifying key players and centers of excellence in a research area 
  • Discovering sources of funding in your field
  • Linking to relevant research data sets, data studies, and software on external repositories.

Clarivate Video:: The Lifecycle of Innovation

Web of Science Training and Technical Support

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