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Women's and Gender Studies 500/501/700

Recommended Resources for advanced courses in Women's Studies

Women's and Gender Studies Resources


The following databases index articles on various aspects of Women's and Gender Studies including psychology, media, communication, sociology, history, LGBTQ+ studies, and more. For more recommendations, Ask A Librarian

These resources offer primary sources relevant to Women's and Gender studies including: letters and diaries, artifacts, ephemera, newspapers and publications, photographs, and more. 


A list of open-access journals related to Women's and Gender Studies. These journals do not require UWM credentials to be accessed. 


A list of recommended websites with detailed and peer-reviewed research in Women's and Gender Studies. 

When looking for statistics, it is good to begin by deciding which geographic area you are trying to capture. Some subject areas will have national or global statistics, but no matter your focus, local statistics can offer a good compare and contrast. For example, if I want to compare the percentage of CEO's by reported gender identity locally with national averages, these statistics compiled by Milwaukee Women Inc. would be very useful. 

Featured Books

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