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Online Teaching in the Performing Arts

Basic resources and tools for moving performing arts classes online.

Spring 2020 Online Teaching

UPDATE: The library's physical space and collections are closed until further notice. Online resources and PDF delivery of ILL requests remain available.

The move to online course delivery for the remainder of the semester is particularly challenging for performing arts classes. The library is here to help support faculty and students. This guide provides some library and free external resources for course content, details for library services that may be helpful, and a few simple online education tools that may be useful specifically for performing arts courses. There are many more resources and lists circulating; this is meant to be a very simple list for faculty wanting to get started without being overwhelmed by options.

A broader guide for the UWM Libraries has also been created. Some general services and tools are listed below, while discipline-specific e-resources can be found on separate tabs.

Please use this contact information to reach out for additional support or ideas if you have specific needs or challenges.

Resources and Services

Some ways the UWM Libraries can help with your online courses:


These are just a few tools that can be used to easily turn online documents and videos into interactive educational materials, with a relatively low learning curve.