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Communication 473: African-American Public Discourse

This guide is designed to support research and writing for Communication 473. use it to find primary and secondary sources related to Black discourse from the 18th century to present.

Finding Books

How do I find a call number on the shelf?

Follow these steps when you're looking for a book on the shelf.

  1. Find the correct letter combination. L comes before LA on the shelves.
  2. Look for the number - be sure to look for the whole number. 19 comes before 23 and 23 comes before 2340 (two thousand three hundred forty).
  3. In the last line, first locate the letter and then the decimal. .M371 will come before .M38

This image shows the order in which some sample call numbers would appear: L 19. M322, LA 23. M38, LA 2340. M371, LA 2340. M38

Find Secondary Sources

Find Secondary Sources

Finding Scholarly Sources

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