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WAK ANT105: Introduction to Biological Anthropology: Citing Sources

Citing Sources

The videos on this page provide an overview of citations, including why and when to cite sources as well as how to use the MLA and APA guides for examples of properly formatted citations.  In addition, you will find a video explaining how to find citations in a database.  Finally, there is a practice exercise to help researchers identify where to find citation information from a source.

When to Cite

Try it Out: Citation Hunt

Citation parts help us identify different voices and perspectives in the broader conversation about a subject. For example, publication dates can tell us who shared an idea or finding first. Sometimes it can be challenging to find citation details because each source and search tools display this information differently. Part of college-level research is keeping track of citation information and sharing it with readers. 

Citation Hunt

Review the source or record linked in each question. Fill in the blanks with the correct citation information for each source. Use the "Show Solution"  button to see if you found the right answer.


MLA and APA Guides

The guides linked below offer information about formatting your document as well as citing your sources properly.  Click on the How Do I Cite? pull down menu, then click on your source type to see examples of how to create an in-text citation and a works cited entry for that source type.

Using Citations from a Database

Citation Tools