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WSH INT290 Culture Clash: Writing Your Term Paper

Sample articles from databases

Evaluating Information Checklist

While you read the primary sources and search for additional resources for your paper, please use this checklist: 

° Author - What are the author's credentials?  What is the author's profession:  reporter?  researcher? scholar working in history or anthropology field?  After you select an article, take a minute to research the author's background to determine if he/she is a professional academic or researcher.

º Audience - For whom is the article written?  Can you understand the language and concepts discussed in the articleYou should be looking for articles written by qualified authors (see above), but in language and tone intended for a general, mainstream audience.  We do not expect you to read highly technical or difficult research findings. 

º Purpose/Type What kind of article is it?   Book reviews or summaries are not appropriate to use in support of your research paper.  Look for primary research or persuasive papers proposing a historical or anthropological concept about an event or culture.  Take a look at page length.  Is it a two page review of another book or research article?  Select articles of fair length (3-8 pages) that allow the author to go into some depth on the topic.