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Violin Masterclass: Where is it on the shelf?

Finding good editions to perform from

What do the numbers on the spine of the book mean?

Books about Individual Composers & Artists

Biographies of Classical Composers

ML410 and then alphabetically by name. These also include books about the composers' music.


Beethoven's Chamber Music in Context - by Angus Watson ML410 B4 W265 2010

Cambridge Companion to Beethoven's Concerto Op. 61 - by Robin Stowell ML410 B4 S76 1998

The Life of Beethoven - by David Wyn Jones ML410 B4 W97 1998

Biographies of Individual Artists

Violists are, for the most part, in the ML418s but some are also in the ML420s. NOTE: This includes artists of all genres, so you'll see opera singers next to rap artists.


The Bel Canto Violin: The Life and Times of Alfredo Campoli 1906-1991 - by David Tunley  ML420 C23x T8 1999

Unfinished Journey - by Yehudi Menuin    ML418 M27 A3 1999

Paganini: a biography - by Alan Kendall  ML418 P2 K4 1982

Where are these things?

So how do you find the books on the shelves?

The ends of the ranges of shelve have two different useful tools. One is an series of posters that break down the call numbers, sort of like what you see above on the right hand side, but a different level of detail. The other are "End Cap" metal holders towards the top that tell you what call numbers you'll find on that side of the aisle.

The Poster looks like this

The "End Cap" call number guides look like this.

The number on the top is always at the "upper right" of the range and the bottom number is at the "bottom left" if you stand in the aisle facing the shelves.