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Audio E-Reserve Processing Manual: Overview

Guide to processing Audio E-Reserve in the GML Library reserve environment.


Prepared by Madeline Dietrich, 2013-14

Your task is to locate or create digital content and make it accessible online through PantherCat.

Our goal is to ensure access to content while preventing illegal downloads.


1. Receive and process faculty request. Faculty Requests

2. Determine if requested items already exist online.

if YES, note the location (obtain a URL for the item). Finding Items Online

if NO, you'll have to create the content yourself and load it onto the Madison server, and then note the location. Creating Digital Files and Uploading Files

3. Organize items into playlists. You'll need the exact file name and/or URL for each item. Playlist Overview

4.Create or update source code (determines how content appears online). Write/edit Source Code

5. Send finished web page to Reserve Services Library.

Actually, if the student worker has access to R\ and W\, this step may involve updating and/or placing html/xml files on the appropriate drive.

6. Test links on "live" web page.

7. Notify faculty member who submitted the request that the e-reserve materials are ready for use.



Go on to Faculty Requests -->


Workflow Diagram

This diagram illustrates the context for your work.