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Careers with an International Focus: Dr. Katherine Punteney (Monterey Institute of International Studies)

"Money Will Make Me Go Anywhere" and Other Student (Mis)Perceptions of International Careers

Are you seeing increasing numbers of students asking about international careers? The student enthusiasm is there, but what do they really need to know and how can we effectively advise them?

In this workshop, Dr. Katherine Punteney will share the results of her research, and the research of others, on students' interest in international careers, their need for information and guidance, their hopes and fears about pursuing international work, and recommendations from the students themselves for how institutions can support them.

The workshop will include interactive activities and the opportunity for participants to consider steps they could take within their own work to better prepare students for careers in an increasingly interconnected world.

Invited Speaker: Dr. Katherine Punteney

Dr. Katherine Punteney

Program Chair, Assistant Professor in International Education Management

Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey


Katherine Punteney, EdD, is an Associate Professor and Program Chair of the MA in International Education Management program at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

She teaches courses including Principles and Practices of International Education, Campus Internationalization, Student Services, Biculturalism and Multiculturalism, and Comparative and International Education.

Her research focuses on preparing U.S. undergraduates for international careers and on intercultural communications.