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UWM Libraries Strategic Plan 2012-2017 (Public): Further Reading


Library as Incubator Project – an excellent source, culling together a lot of great initiatives around the country.

Makerspace: Madison Public Library sees innovation centers as a key part of its future

The Makings of Maker Spaces- a two part series from Library Journal

Milwaukee Makerspace an interesting local chapter

Boyer, Byrnn. "Envision, Design, Print." University of Mary Washington. Posted Sept. 11, 2012.

ThinkLab. Blog of the makerspace at the Simpson Library of the University of Mary Washington.

Digital Humanities

I. What are the Digital Humanities

Association for Computers and the Humanities: Digital Humanities Questions and Answers (see especially these posts)

Kirschenbaum, Matthew. "What Is Digital Humanities and What's It Doing in English Departments?" ADE (Association of Departments of English) Bulletin 150 (2010).

Vandegrift, Micah. "What Is Digital Humanities and What's It Doing in the Library?" In the Library with the Lead Pipe (blog), June 27, 2012.

"Digital Humanities." Wikipedia.

List of funded NEH Digital Humanities Start-up grants:

II. Openly accessible journal and book-length resources on the Digital Humanities

Burdick, Ann, et al. Digital_Humanities. Cambridge: MIT Press, November 2012.

Debates in the Digital Humanities. Open access edition, 2013.

Journal of Library Administration, Special Issue: Digital Humanities in Libraries: New Models for Scholarly Engagement, 53:1, January 2013.

III. General resources to follow

A site that aggregates, reviews and distributes posts, news, analysis, jobs, etc... in the area of the Digital Humanities. See their "About" page to learn more about the curation and review process.

Global Perspectives on Digital History
A sister site to DHNow, uses the same principles to aggregate, review and distribute posts, news, analysis, jobs, etc, specifically for digital history.

The Journal of Digital Humanities
Online, open access, peer reviewed journal for the digital humanities. Since 2011.

Digital Humanities Quarterly
Online, open access, peer reviewed journal "covering all aspects of digital media in the humanities." Since 2007.

IV. UWM Faculty on the Digital Humanities

Grusin, Richard. "The Dark Side of the Digital Humanities," MLA panel, January 2013.

Alternate Reality Gaming Toolkit

Rethinking Learning: The 21st Century Learner-

From cell phone and video games to Facebook and YouTube, digital media are changing the way young people play and socialize in the 21st century.

Carleton Unveils New Virtual Learning Environment-

Carleton University recently unveiled the Virtual Carleton learning environment. The virtual world, modelled on the Carleton campus, has already given archeology and language students an entirely new perspective on their studies

Computer Gaming Revolutionary-

Computer History Museum's 2011 Revolutionaries lecture series sponsored by Intel, featuring conversations with and about some of the most distinguished thinkers in the computing field. The Revolutionaries lecture series complements the launch of the Computer History Museum's permanent exhibition: Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing.