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UWM Libraries Strategic Plan 2012-2017 (Public): Goal 1

Goal 1: UWM's Digital Future

Contribute to UWM's Digital Future planning and implementation by fostering, creating, and supporting digital inquiry, scholarship, and innovation.

Objective 1

Make UWM Digital Commons, UWM's open access institutional repository, a robust publishing and archiving platform for the research output of the university.

Objective 2

Develop library services to support the data curation needs of faculty and staff.

Objective 3

Develop and implement policies, procedures, and infrastructure to preserve and ensure access to the Libraries' rapidly expanding digital assets.

Objective 4

Develop literacy initiatives in collaboration with the campus to provide incoming students with mechanisms to expand their digital literacy efforts to be effective learners and technologically proficient graduates.

Objective 5

Contribute to campus initiatives to develop electronic record management systems (ERMS) for UWM, especially regarding training and services.

Objective 6

Become the leading campus resource for conceptualizing, implementing, and supporting digital humanities scholarship.

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