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Frequently Asked Questions: Off-Campus Access

Answers to common questions about the library and doing research.

Can I do my research from my computer at home?

Yes, however you should be aware that some library materials only exist in print. Although you need to come in to the library to use our print collections, many electronic resources (including the library search engine, databases, and e-journals) can be accessed anywhere on campus. Current UWM students, staff, and faculty can also use these sites from home.

The Library provides an easy way to access online resources from off-campus. Current UWM students (not alumni), staff and faculty (including emeriti) with Internet access can connect to most of the Library's subscription resources and electronic journals from home by using the links on the library homepage; the best place to begin accessing online library sources is through the UWM Libraries Homepage.

If you have a computer and Internet access, you can use Search@UW and view information on the libraries' web pages. In order to access most resources, you will be need to authenticate using your ePanther ID and password; if you are using a commercial Internet Service Provider, upon connecting to a library subscription, you will be directed to a login screen.

Signing in requires that your browser accept cookies. (See How to Enable Cookies if you need to restore this setting.) You may experience connection problems if you are behind a firewall that blocks certain Web access or are using a nonstandard or obsolete Web browser. Connecting to secure sites may also trigger certificate warnings.

Please note that the Campus VPN is also available, however it is not configured to work with remote access to library databases.

For more information on the this remote authentication service, please contact the Systems Department or Ask a Librarian.

See also the Off Campus URL Generator.

Also note that you never have to pay for access to a book or article. Even if the item you're looking for is not part of our print/online holdings, you can obtain a copy a no cost (to you) by using our interlibrary loan services. See How do I find materials the UWM libraries do not own? for more information.

Off-campus access to most resources is restricted to current UWM students, faculty, and staff. This is due to copyright restrictions, software licenses, and other agreements. Unrestricted access to the online research resources is available in the Golda Meir library building, in the campus computer labs, offices, and dorms via the campus network.

The library access control mechanism is handled by the campus 1Login system. If you are experiencing issues with signing in, contact the Help Desk for assistance. Please also note our Conditions of Use.

We are also piloting a new service to work with the campus single sign-on (SSO) system and direcly from some subscription websites. To gain access:

  1. Look for a "Login" or "Sign in" link, usually in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  2. If presented with different authentication options, select the one that says 'from your institution' or 'via partner organization.'
  3. If presented with a list of regions, select InCommon (North America).
  4. Choose the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee as your school.
  5. You will be taken to the UWM authentication page, or directly logged in if you have an existing single sign-on session already running.