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Frequently Asked Questions: Computing

Answers to common questions about the library and doing research.

What computers are available in the library?

There are Internet-ready computers available in the first floor, west wing of the library. Some of these are available to the general public. Several other catalog lookup stations and research terminals are placed throughout the library. The American Geographical Society Library, for example, has machines with GIS software available for use

Computers include a Web browser and Microsoft Office software (more information). They allow you to save and open files to USB flash drives.

Headphones are available for checkout at the Media and Reserve Library and the Music Library.

Flatbed scanners are available in the first floor, west wing Learning Commons. Scanners are also available in the second floor, east wing as well as the Media and Reserve Library.

Is wireless Internet access available in the library?

Yes, wireless Internet service is available in the library. Current UWM users, sponsored guests, and individuals from partner eduroam institutions may use this service.

Public wifi access is also available for campus visitors, however library database access is not possible through this service. Public research stations are available for this purpose.

This service requires some one-time configuration to use. Please see UWM WiFi for more information and detailed set-up instructions.

The City of Milwaukee also provides free wireless connections at some of its parks. See Milwaukee Free WiFi Network User Instructions for more information.

What's this I hear about laptop checkouts?

90 Chrome laptops are available for checkout by current UWM students, faculty, and staff with valid UWM IDs. Laptops are available from the Media and Reserve Library, located on the lower level, West Wing. For more information, see UWM Libraries Wireless Laptop Program page.

The Media and Reserve Library also offers checkouts for digital cameras, audio recorders, calculators, and headphones.

Are there printers in the library?

There are six computer printers in first floor, west wing of the library. Additional printers are in the Media Library (lower level) and Music Library (second floor, east wing).

Wēpa Print Away is the system used for payment.

See the Wēpa Print Away (UWM) page and User Guide (Wēpa) for more information.

The library does not maintain this university-wide printing system. If you have further questions, contact

What software does the library offer?

Several software programs are available for use on the computers in the west wing of the library. A complete list of these programs is available on the Campus Computer Labs page. A list of software on public machines is also avaialble.

Several programs may also be downloaded freely online. Additional software may be ordered via the Student Software Discounts program offered by UITS.

For information on using EndNote, see the Power Tools page.