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Frequently Asked Questions: Finding Journals

Answers to common questions about the library and doing research.

I found an article in a database and it doesn't have full-text. How do I get it?

Many database records have a  for tracking down the full article.

If you have a list of article citations (references to articles that you retrieved from an index, bibliography, or online database) or if you want to browse a journal, you need to check Search@UW to see if the libraries have the journal in print format (see also the e-journals question below).

Where are the journals located?

To search for a journal title, start with Search@UW. This service checks our online and print holdings for journal availability.

Many e-journals are also accessible through the Electronic Journals list.

Print journals are arranged by call number in the general collection (stacks), unless otherwise indicated on the location line or notes field in the catalog record.

Check the location in Search@UW to see where print journal issues are located.

To search within a journal, you can also look up individual journal titles using Ulrichsweb, which lists where titles are indexed.

What is an e-journal?

An electronic journal provides full-text access to articles online. Dates of coverage will depend on the journal and the our subscription rights. The Electronic Journals list includes journals to which the libraries have a direct online subscription and full-text journals that are included in databases.

The buttons in some databases may also be used to locate materials.

What do I do with an abbreviated journal title?

Many library materials abbreviate journal titles (e.g., "J Phys Chem" instead of "The Journal of Physical Chemistry"). This is done to conserve the size of database fields and save on printing ink.

Search@UW may be used to look up several title abbreviations.

The reference book "Periodical Title Abbreviations" may also be used to look up the full names of journals. Online name databases such as the Web of Science Journal Title Abbreviations and the Medline Journals Database are also useful. See Selected Sources for Decoding Periodical and Journal Abbreviations for more titles.