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UWM Libraries Strategic Goals 2010-11: Goal 5

Strategic Goals and action items for 2010-11 for the libraries webpage

Team 5

Ellen Engseth

Holly Klemmer

Susanna Pathak (Coordinator)

Andy Ritter

Craig Wesley (Leader)

Goal 5 Action Items

Diverse, Committed: Recruit, develop and retain diverse personnel with the knowledge, skills and expertise to meet user needs.

Themes include Diversity and Expertise 

5.1 Implement recommendations for staff training resulting from survey to develop expertise for new initiatives. 

5.2 Rethink Facilities Management responsibilities from the ground up. 

5.3  Modify and implement internship and/or undergraduate SOIS students program from underrepresented groups based on needs and abilities of incoming students and our staff. 

5.4 Define systems/technology skills needed for professionals in the future. 

5.5 Develop priority list of new or redesigned positions to meet emerging needs. 

5.6 Assess success of reorganization measures implemented. 

5.7 Strategically align services.